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Minneapolis, MN Beginnings

RedGroup was founded in 1994 by Lars Runquist with the goal of a more collaborative resource, where designers and engineers work together to create better product more efficiently, instead of throwing ideas over the wall.  This process has created many great innovations and happy clients over the years and continues to this day.

More About our Partnership with Carlisle Companies

RedGroup is part of Companies incorporated, a public, global, diversified company, creating manufacturing solutions for many industries.  We bring our front end R&D expertise to Carlisle’s vertically integrated global manufacturing capabilities to offer our clients the efficiency of innovative turn-key manufacturing.  With a global footprint, award-winning teams of design,  engineering experts, and extensive manufacturing capabilities, the company is uniquely able to design, build, test, qualify, and deliver solutions with unparalleled responsiveness and speed-to-market.

Our Space is Configurable to Your Needs

We are located in Northeast Minneapolis and have a newly renovated 6500 square foot office with a large collaboration space for meetings, multiple labs, and on site prototyping.  We can provide the offsite facility to get things done.

We are Highly Experienced Professionals

We believe in only giving you the A team.  Our team members average 18 years experience, so you can expect quality work with lots of knowledge to guide the process.

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